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Know that it’s okay if you don’t want to drink
  1. How To Cope With Going To A Party Alone
  2. Surviving Going to a Party Alone | Scared to Go to Party Alone
  3. How to avoid feeling awkward at a party when you're not drinking
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Make it your mission to do everything there is to do at the party. Not only is it more fun but it will also keep your mind off the social aspect of the event. I made this snappy little video with my cell phone using pretzels, Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese, chocolate chips and drizzle of honey.

How To Cope With Going To A Party Alone

A puff pastry filled with Laughing Cow white cheddar, apples, caramel and toasted almonds reinventsnacking. We also learned from Samantha Roby of Chicago Food Authority how to arrange cheese boards and compose them for gorgeous pictures. An added bonus about participating is that you naturally talk to the other participants. Its completely natural to ask what to do next or share supplies.

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For a natural introvert, parties are extremely taxing. While socializing can be enjoyable, it is not a natural energy booster for me and after a few hours I feel worn out. As you leave, say quick good byes to the people you talked with. It was nice to meet you!

1. Be honest

My night ended with a nice stroll through the streets of Chicago back to my hotel and a few episodes of reality TV before bed. Any way you unwind, do so.

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Surviving Going to a Party Alone | Scared to Go to Party Alone

You can even get meta and joke about how weird it is that everyone is crammed in the kitchen when the living room is so large and empty. Why is that????

  1. How to Survive a Party When You Don’t Know Anyone.
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  6. Whether you stayed all night or just popped by to say hello, chances are going alone was better than not going at all. And of course, now comes the best part of any party, solo or otherwise: the part where you get to head home. Posted on September 21, , GMT.

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    • How To Cope With Going To A Party Alone.
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    Week 6 might be something more challenging, for example, going to a party with a friend, and engaging in small talk with a group of people with the assist of said friend, and so on and so forth until we reach the ultimate goal of being able to attend a party solo without debilitating anxiety. Don't have six weeks before the party? Try these tips from Redditors and forum users on SocialAnxietySupport.

    You have to want to have a good time.

    How to avoid feeling awkward at a party when you're not drinking

    If you get nervous about the idea, then you aren't in the right mindset to go, because you're doing something you don't want to do. You have to take out the variables that make you afraid. So, if you're like me, you'll have an easier time getting to know people when it's a smaller and more manageable group. Once you get there, take the extra time to get to know the hosts and the few people who might have also shown up right on time.

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    Once the party gets into full swing, you'll be comfortable with those people, and you'll feel more confident talking with the guests who arrive later. It's a quick way to become familiar with people and makes you feel less awkward.


    I never looked at my phone when I felt uncomfortable.